Classes on ZOOM


Here are links for the classes:

Buns and Guns w/ Laura:

Barre w/ Tricia:

Sculpt w/ Jordan:

Slow Flow and Meditation w/ Cortnie:

⏺Find a comfortable, quiet place to practice or workout. For yoga= All you need is a mat, but if you like props, please have those handy as well. For working out= just yourself unless the instructor has other fun options and if you have at home weights you can always have those close.

✅Some tips that will make this experience great for all participants:

* Your mic will be muted as you join - we will start off saying “hi” in the beginning but  please keep it muted once class starts to minimize background noise for other participants.

*You cannot sign in until the teacher has started the class- so if your too early it won’t let you in.

* We would love to see your face but feel free to close your camera at any time for privacy.

Gallery view allows you to see all participants, speaker view highlights the teacher

*Some classes may vary from 15min-1 hour classes depending on what they are. 

Thank you and see you on your mat and in the ZOOM ROOM! 🙏🌟


Ashley Battersby

Owner of State of Mind Studio


We MISS and LOVE you!!

Temporal closure of our studio

Health and safety of our members, staff and community are our top priority. After careful consideration and evaluation of the existing conditions, we have made the decision that staying closed is the safest for all we serve. Until we are sure we can operate without sacrificing the health of anyone, we will wait.

Enter in the SIDE DOOR closest to our private parking lot.

Doors only open 15min prior to a class. If the door is locked, a class may still be in session.  

FITNESS CLASS REMINDERS: please bring in HAND clean sneakers. We want to keep our floors clear from mud, snow, salt, etc. 

Before you attend class- Please always make sure to check our Instagram page @stateofmindstudio for time changes or cancellations. 

Please note doors will be locked 5min after class starts.  Please be on time since this is a space for you and everyone else to reset, recharge, and take time for yourself. We ask that if you need to leave early that you are very quiet on your exit as to not disturb others.

Classes are subject to change

Please note this time of season can be hard on our immune systems. Please check RhinoFit, Instagram, and your emails in case a class is canceled due to unforeseen sickness. Stay healthy out there! 


Movement is Medicine